Purposeful intentions that transform your blog and attract readers too

We live in an era where reading and interacting online dominate our daily activities. The online world has got so busy, that it’s become harder to attract readers and bring customers closer.

If you’ve ever wondered whether blogging may be dead, did you know that 61% of Americans spend 3x more time reading blog posts now than emails? That is encouraging! However, from a writing perspective, 50% of bloggers complain that it has become much harder to gain traffic, particularly from Facebook and Google, according to a recent survey by Optinmonster.

It is more important now to be unique, memorable and visible to the right readers, reasons why my colleague Jean and I wrote our book “Distinctive Voice“. We know from our Beta Reader feedback and reviews that it does help bloggers stand out authentically and get heard online. But it takes more than a well-written book with a different angle to get the Amazon algorithm to show it to the right readers.

Just like blogging! It helps to dedicate time to marketing and be willing to learn what is necessary. In our case, it means understanding the ins and outs of Amazon as a publishing platform. And we must be getting something right as we are now well into the top 100 list of blogging books on Amazon UK!

So, if you dream of achieving meaningful success with your blog, please invest in your goal. It doesn’t matter what platform you write on or how skilled a writer you are.

Bring readers and customers closer with the right intention

Blogging is similar to any other creative endeavour you are not yet an expert in. For instance, if you wanted to design a garden from scratch, it would be important to understand the space, its purpose, and factors like sunlight and suitable plants. You may need to measure the space, create some drawings and learn about the right plants. This is just the initial stage, and it all takes time. 

Your journey begins the moment you decide to create something significant. And every journey starts with embracing the path of learning.

“You want to approach this journey with an open heart and a curious mind. A mindset that focuses on growth is tremendously helpful. Just like the passionate gardener who sows the seeds and defies the pests and storms with only one goal in mind: to help the plants grow and flourish.” (A quote from “Distinctive Voice”)

Let’s imagine you dream of a natural garden that expresses your love of nature and attracts bees too. Isn’t this similar to a blogger who dreams of writing about something close to their heart and also attract readers? Both require thoughtful consideration before anything can happen.

As a blogger, you may only want to write just like we used to way back. But do you know who your readers are? What makes you different and memorable in their eyes that encourages them to come back? What is important to you that you want them to be able to relate to? How do you want them to engage?    

In other words, what is working for you and what isn’t? Without clarity your blogging could meander too much and then readers get confused and drop away. 

A closer look at your writing goal

Once you’ve considered the above, you’ll have a better understanding of the thinking that goes into the goal to attract readers.

However, it doesn’t yet tell you how to achieve it. The specifics vary from person to person and from blog to blog.

If you’re unsure what you and your blog most need, it is a good idea to seek advice from someone familiar with your blog. They may notice things you haven’t seen and help you to focus on the right aspect. 

The key areas may include:

These are just a few ideas for starters.

Let’s look at what being more creative could mean for you:

  • Working on your storytelling
  • Taking better photos for your blog posts
  • Publishing your own artwork alongside your writing
  • Writing more often
  • Being more creative with your choice of topics or going deeper
  • Saying more about how you think and create
  • Choosing a completely different format. How about interviewing someone you admire?

Again, just a few ideas to get the ball rolling. Your list may well be different.

Now you can break down any other blogging goal, and you’ll have an actionable plan that’s easy to follow.

How to love your blogging goal even when things go wrong

Goal setting is a simple tool that bloggers can use to their advantage. You can be quite technical about it and make your goal SMART (specific/ measurable/achievable or attractive/ realistic) if that makes it clearer.

You can also focus on something less tangible:

  • Why do you want to achieve your particular goal?
  • How will you feel when you achieve it?

I love this way of thinking as it goes deeper and involves our emotions. It really helps to give our intentions purpose!

Whatever your reason(s) or feelings try to get a sense of both as they are very powerful. 

They kept me going through the ups and downs of writing the book and reminded me whenever there was a setback, and I lost motivation. 

I once did this with a client who had a big and scary business goal. When I asked her why she wanted to achieve it, she said, “it will help me to buy a house in my home country so I can spend quality time with my mum whenever I want to”. She described her future feelings as “elated, bursting with pride and grateful that I kept going”.  A few years later she bought the house and boy did we celebrate! It turned out that her powerful reason and her feelings kept her motivated when the going got tough. 

The principle works.

You could also visualise your goal if you wanted to. Visualisation is another powerful technique! 

Here’s a great way to visualise the future:

It can be about any area of your life. This process applies not only to a writing goal!

  1. Sit comfortably, relax your body, close your eyes and breathe gently in and out
  2. Think about a date in the future 
  3. Where are you, what are you doing and who is there with you?
  4. What do you see, hear, smell, taste and feel? Involving all the senses helps to make the experience as real and vivid as possible
  5. Now walk around the scene to take it all in again
  6. Take a photo of the scene to capture it in your mind’s eye and help you remember it afterwards.
  7. Come back to the present

If you feel creative, write about the experience in your journal, draw a sketch or create a vision board from magazines.

Would you like to make your blog irresistible to attract readers and bring customers closer? Our book “Distinctive Voice -The fearless way to a wholehearted blog worth noticing helps you to identify your true purpose and voice, overcome mindset blocks and create magnetic content for your ideal reader. It is interactive too! “The information is clear and easy to understand. Your actions are really good at getting me stuck in, and I enjoyed doing them. You have given me the confidence to give it a go”. 


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